Transparent Product Photography

Photographing glass creates a unique challenge. Not only are you facing reflection problems, but you also have to worry about what’s behind the product. Many times, the final images need to be placed on a background other than white. The same applies for items with lots of small holes, like the wire basket.

Buffet Warmer

You can’t always control the environment when shooting commercial product photography. This image was shot in a white tent inside a large warehouse. As you can see the wrinkles and imperfects show through the transparent top.

Fry Basket

This basket was shot on top of a cart in a large warehouse. We were at the manufacturer, shooting larger items, when they said they needed a shot of the fry basket. We grabbed a cart and placed a white tarp over it.

Popcorn Maker

Glass everywhere on this one. We also shot this in the manufacturer’s warehouse. For the background we used a white tarp. Look at all those wrinkles!

It’s great to say we should get it right in camera. But that isn’t always on option. It’s important to have someone that knows about post processing for difficult items such as these.

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