Topaz Labs Plug-In

I decided to do some tutorials on how I work in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. This first one is about the Topaz Adjust plug-in that I use in Photoshop to give my images that little extra. If you enjoy it, please comment and let me know! I also take constructive criticism pretty well!

If you are interested in the Topaz Filter, use this link to purchase!

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Food Photography

Working at Katom Restaurant Supplies has allowed me to learn some new things. I have learned a great deal about reflective and transparent surfaces and some interesting ways to shoot and finish them. I’ve learned how to create at least 5 different images of a simple, white bowl. But best of all I’ve had the change to work on food photography.

The Katom blog features a recipe every couple weeks. When we first started shooting these, I had a little trouble figuring out the best way to light them. After experimenting with straight on diffused lighting, I decided that wasn’t going to work for us. So, now I just bounce the strobe off of the ceiling for more even lighting.

The images that I prefer are the ones shot directly from overhead. These give a full view of the food without having to worry too much about the background or setups. Don’t get me wrong, I love to do setups. But too many items in the pic can be distracting and confusing. It’s important to keep it simple.

Overhead Images

Images from an angle

I also enjoy shooting the process. I like to show the apples being cut or the food being mixed and prepared. We don’t use them on the blog because we only have so much space.

The best part about shooting the photos for the recipe blog is that I get to eat the props!

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Transparent Product Photography

Photographing glass creates a unique challenge. Not only are you facing reflection problems, but you also have to worry about what’s behind the product. Many times, the final images need to be placed on a background other than white. The same applies for items with lots of small holes, like the wire basket.

Buffet Warmer

You can’t always control the environment when shooting commercial product photography. This image was shot in a white tent inside a large warehouse. As you can see the wrinkles and imperfects show through the transparent top.

Fry Basket

This basket was shot on top of a cart in a large warehouse. We were at the manufacturer, shooting larger items, when they said they needed a shot of the fry basket. We grabbed a cart and placed a white tarp over it.

Popcorn Maker

Glass everywhere on this one. We also shot this in the manufacturer’s warehouse. For the background we used a white tarp. Look at all those wrinkles!

It’s great to say we should get it right in camera. But that isn’t always on option. It’s important to have someone that knows about post processing for difficult items such as these.

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Color Changes

When you have a large quantity of the same item only in different colors, it’s expensive and time consuming to photograph each and every one them. The most efficient option to simply photograph 1 and change the colors. At Popek Studios, we are experts at color shifts and color matching. Even items in place or in use can be fixed.

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Creative Product Photography

As an artist and commercial photographer, projects tend to become a little bit of both. When considering a product, I like to think about how I would address the images as an artist. While, white background images are a necessity, it’s important to remember it’s all about catching the eye.

While this was a personal project, I try to apply my creative, artistic sense to all of my work. You have a product that needs attention. I am here to help you! Contact me today for all of your commercial photography needs.

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Product Photography

Popek Studios specializes in product photography that fits your brand. We are experts in white background imagery. We specialize in reflective and transparent products.

In use photography
In use photography
White background brand photography color specific
Reflective and transparent images
Product photography
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