Rotate and Open

Product Photography, Product Videos

Part of the fun as a product photographer is finding new ways to present products. While taking photos of these two items, I thought it would be cool to make some quick stop motion videos as well. I planned accordingly when shooting. I have found that is the most important part of video – planning. Whether it’s stop motion from stills or regular video, planning is everything.

Waffle Dog Maker – Rotating and Opening

Waffle Maker – Rotate and Open

Big Ole Pizza Oven

Product Videos

Part of my job is take photos of product installation. I thought while I was taking photos, I’d shoot some video too. These videos are of removing an over 15,000 lb pizza oven from a flat bed truck. The oven is so heavy because it has 2 ovens. One side weights 5,000 lbs, the other is 10,000 lbs. They had to use 2 forklifts, one on each side of the truck to remove the oven. Once on the ground, it actually dug into the asphalt and the crew had to slowly push it using a forklift into the building. Once in the building, the crew was able to push it using the wheels. They eventually got the oven into place. Once there, they removed the wheels, so it’s stable.

Video from Still Photos

Product Videos

I am currently obsessed with creating videos using still photos. The photos were shot using a Sony A7rii with studio strobes. The fly ins were created using Premiere Pro and existing transitions. I imported the Photoshop file as individual layers. The product itself is a Breville 9 speed hand mixer. Enjoy!


Product Videos

During my experiments in video, I discovered that static lights are boring. I decided to try a little experiment and move the light instead of the product or the camera. Now you see it, now you don’t.

A cut crystal glass disappears and reappears in this video. Shot with a Sony A7rii, using a modeling light from a strobe. I turned off all lights and moved the light around. Finished with Premiere Pro. Music is a chime sound that has been slowed down and extended.

Video from Photos

Product Videos

In my quest to learn video, I am currently learning to use my still photos to create movement. This quick video is created using the video timeline in Photoshop. I created several layers with masks and set them so each would pop up one after the other. So, a stop motion look using previously taken photos.