Simple Product Photography

There are many different types of product photography. There is white background, where it is just the product on a completely white background. Companies like these for their websites because they are simple and show the product details. There is also lifestyle photography, which shows the product in use on location. Additionally, there is what […]

From Blue to Green

If you follow my art blog, you’ve seen that I have been participating in image challenges every week. One of those was an image challenge with a green theme. I didn’t have anything green, but I did have a nice blue bowl. So, I decided to shoot the blue bowl and change it to […]

Video from Still Photos

I am currently obsessed with creating videos using still photos. The photos were shot using a Sony A7rii with studio strobes. The fly ins were created using Premiere Pro and existing transitions. I imported the Photoshop file as individual layers. The product itself is a Breville 9 speed hand mixer. Enjoy!

Video from Photos

In my quest to learn video, I am currently learning to use my still photos to create movement. This quick video is created using the video timeline in Photoshop. I created several layers with masks and set them so each would pop up one after the other. So, a stop motion look using previously taken […]

The Importance of Finishing in Product Photography

Part of being a product photographer is being adaptable. Sometimes products can’t be shot in studio or in a perfectly lit situation. We are currently undergoing construction, including a new studio. But we also have to keep producing photography of new products. Before and After These photos were shot in a warehouse with existing lighting. […]

Rotate and Open

Part of the fun as a product photographer is finding new ways to present products. While taking photos of these two items, I thought it would be cool to make some quick stop motion videos as well. I planned accordingly when shooting. I have found that is the most important part of video – planning. […]

Big Ole Pizza Oven

Part of my job is take photos of product installation. I thought while I was taking photos, I’d shoot some video too. These videos are of removing an over 15,000 lb pizza oven from a flat bed truck. The oven is so heavy because it has 2 ovens. One side weights 5,000 lbs, the other […]


During my experiments in video, I discovered that static lights are boring. I decided to try a little experiment and move the light instead of the product or the camera. Now you see it, now you don’t. A cut crystal glass disappears and reappears in this video. Shot with a Sony A7rii, using a modeling […]

Product Videos

Sometimes it takes a little more than a pretty photo to capture attention. I created these videos from my product photos to capture the feel of the product.

Before and After Photo Retouching

I don’t normally do portraits. But a friend of mine helped me out with some stuff. She’s an executive coach and we did a trade. She is a Certified Presence-Based® Coach and a Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator Certified Practitioner. Be sure to visit her page Kolesar Change for more info on that! We went out to a […]

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