There are many different types of product photography. There is white background, where it is just the product on a completely white background. Companies like these for their websites because they are simple and show the product details. There is also lifestyle photography, which shows the product in use on location. Additionally, there is what I call still life style, showing the product with other props. Those types of images can get a little busy fast. I have been watching a great deal of videos about this type of imagery lately and I admit that some of them confuse me. Yes, they are beautiful, eye catching images, but do they really show off the product? I find myself wondering what I’m supposed to be looking at. I thought I’d create some simple product images using my eyeglasses. These are made with existing light and very simple backgrounds.

Eyeglasses in light

As I was sitting at my desk, I noticed this nice shaft of light coming across my sketchbook. I wanted to capture it. But wanted to add something else for interest. I had pencils, pens, coins, and other little items. But none of them excited me. Then, I thought, what about my glasses? So, I put them down on the book. I tried several different set ups – closed, open, upright, flat. I like this one best. After shooting this, I thought why not create some simple product photos with these glasses in different scenarios?

Eyeglasses shadow

Shot in the late afternoon with the sun shining through the lattice work on the back porch. I really love the shadow casts by the glasses and the extra light coming through the lens.

Tourtoiseshell eyeglasses.

I wanted to add another element to the photos and thought an open book would be a nice addition. Looking through my book shelf, I found this book on flowers and plants in lore and legend. It has some interesting illustrations. I opened and experimented with where that shaft of light should go. I tried it on the actual illustration. But that felt too distracting. I wanted the attention on the the eyeglasses. And although I did not plan it, it’s kind of cool the way the glasses magnified certain words to sort of create a poem – “may be a miracle, form and texture, added wonder.”

Thanks for visiting! Prints of these images are available in my gallery. I appreciate comments and feedback! Feel free to also share with family and friends!

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